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Table 1 Breakdown of CME sessions (based on 1.5 h face-to-face session)

From: Development, implementation and evaluation of Australia’s first national continuing medical education program for the timely diagnosis and management of dementia in general practice

Step Time Content covered
1 10 min Video introduction following the real-life progress over two years of three patients living with dementia and their families
2 30 min Didactic presentation
Session 1. Diagnosis, tests, scans and new biomarkers
Session 2. Physical activity, positive lifestyle and risk factors
Session 3. Complications and behavioural changes
Session 4. The carer as the patient and legal issues
3 30 min Participants review and discuss the case studies, their own case presentations, and discuss guidelines for management and care gaps
4 10–15 min Questions and answers
5 5 min Evaluation
  1. CME Continuing medical education