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Table 2 Comparison of USLME Step 1 disciplines scoring ≤ − 0.20 standard deviations (SD) below the national mean and areas of curricular insufficiency identified by students using the closed-ended scale “yes, no, not sure”-, and their response to the open-ended question to students’ performance on Step 1 examination

From: Relationship between students’ perceptions of the adequacy of M1 and M2 curricula and their performance on USMLE step 1 examination

USMLE Step 1 Discipline (Students’ Performance (− 0.20 SD) Insufficiency of Disciplines Identified by closed-ended questions (percent of Students Responding “No” to closed-ended questions) Insufficiency identified by the open-ended question (percent of students identifying area as insufficient)
Behavioral Sciences (− 0.20) Biostatistics and Epidemiology (56%) Behavioral sciences (28%)
Biochemistry (− 0.30) Biochemistry (71%) Biochemistry (59%)
Genetics (− 0.38) Genetics (42%)  
Gross Anatomy and Embryology (−0.43) Embryology (49%) Gross Anatomy and Embryology (35%)
Histology and Cell Biology (−0.20) Molecular Biology (30%)/Cell Biology (47%)  
Pathology (−0.20)
 Pharmacology (−0.23) Pharmacology (41%) Pharmacology (32%)
 Physiology (−0.25)   Physiology (21%)