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Table 1 Main characteristics of the EBP skills assessment tool used for each participant during the test

From: Development and pilot testing of a tool to assess evidence-based practice skills among French general practitioners

Test part EBP step Task Support used Skills: performance assessmenta
First Formulate a clinical question Build 4 search questions to answer a clinical problem 1 case vignette How complete and relevant are the GPs’ PICO questions?
Second Search relevant clinical articles Find 4 relevant articles in medical literature (with different strategies) 4 bibliographic retrieval questions How thoroughly and efficiently do GP conduct searches?
Third Critically appraise literature Appraise validity, relevance and results significance of an article 1 original article Can GP complete critical appraisals?
Fourth Implement useful findings in clinical practice Answer 4 clinical questions 4 synopses (of 4 original articles) Can GP come to a reasonable interpretation of how to apply the evidence?
  1. GP General practitioners ; aaccording to Tilson et al. [14]