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Table 3 Residents’ perceptions of caring for dying patients

From: What do Japanese residents learn from treating dying patients? The implications for training in end-of-life care

Theme Kolb’s ELT
I. Mixed feelings associated with providing care for dying patients  
  1 Dilemmas in confronting the reality of medical uncertainty Experience
  2 Disrupted self-efficacy due to miscommunication in stressful situations
  3 Feelings of guilt and powerlessness both as a person and as a doctor
II. Reflections on the experience of providing care for dying patients
  1 The importance of facing patients’, families’ and one’s own emotions Reflection
  2 Broadening of perspectives from individual communication to inter-professional communication
  3 Renewed awareness from a disease-oriented cure to a palliative care-oriented treatment of pain relief
III. Rebuilding awareness for EOL care
  1 A desire for communication that anticipates the future of patients and patients’ families and patient-centered care Conceptualization/Planning
  2 Self-awareness of professional identity and the desire to continually develop skills
  1. EOL end-of-life