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Table 1 Questionnaire themes and components

From: Research involvement among undergraduate health sciences students: a cross-sectional study

Theme and components Measure Analysis variable
Voluntary research involvement (4 questions: I am/have…)
1. Currently working on a voluntary research project. Yes / No Binary (Yes to any of the four vs. no to all four).
2. Previously completed a voluntary research project.
3. Previously presented your research at a congress or conference.
4. Previously published your research in a medical journal.
Self-perceived research competence (8 questions: I am competent in…)
1. Searching the literature. 5-point Likert scales (strongly agree (assigned 5) to strongly disagree (assigned 1)) Continuous (Score out of 40 as a percentage).
2. Understanding and interpreting medical literature.
3. Designing a research study.
4. Conducting a research study.
5. Analysing and interpreting data from a research study.
6. Writing a medical paper/article.
7. Knowing how to find a suitable research supervisor/mentor in my faculty.
8. Knowing how to get involved with research and start my own research project.
Future research participation (4 questions: I am…)
1. Currently interested in pursuing a research project. 5-point Likert scales (strongly agree (assigned 5) to strongly disagree (assigned 1)) Continuous (Score out of 20 as a percentage).
2. Likely to get involved with research before graduating.
3. Likely to pursue a career that involves conducting research.
4. Likely to pursue a PhD in future.
  1. See Additional file 1 for sample questionnaire