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Table 5 Appraisal checklist for mixed methods research [47]

From: An integrative review of e-learning in the delivery of self-management support training for health professionals

Type of mixed methods study Methodological quality criteria Study 1 (Yank et al. 2013) [33] Study 5 (Bosnic- Anticevich et al. 2014) [53]
1 Qualitative • Qualitative objective or question • Appropriate qualitative approach or design or method • Description of the context • Description of participants and justification of sampling • Description of qualitative data collection and analysis • Discussion of researchers’ reflexivity
2. Quantitative Experimental • Appropriate sequence generation and/or randomization • Allocation concealment or blinding • Complete outcome data and/or low withdrawal/drop-out Unclear
3. Quantitative Observational • Appropriate sampling and sample • Justification of measurements (validity and standards) • Control of confounding variables
4. Mixed Methods • Justification of the mixed methods design • Combination of qualitative and quantitative data collection-analysis techniques or procedures • Integration of qualitative and quantitative data or results