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Table 1 Sources of survey data for this study

From: Motivation of university and non-university stakeholders to change medical education in Vietnam

1. Study on the development of detailed learning objectives for six-year general medical students to produce the KAS book (a compendium of the learning objectives based on the knowledge, attitudes and skills graduates will need to address medical problems) with contribution of 913 teachers from eight schools and many other university and non university stakeholders [12]. A case study presentation method was used to evaluate the process and lessons learned from the use of a participatory approach to involve and motivate different stakeholders.
2. Structured-questionnaire survey and 24 focus group discussions (FGD) among 797 recently graduated doctors practicing in the field to contribute feedback for KAS developed by teachers [13]. Among other issues they were asked about their learning during their medical studies.
3. Survey among 1,136 sixth-year students from eight schools contributed feedback for KAS developed by teachers using a structured questionnaire [14]. Questions included topics of learning and providing feedback to teachers.
4. Key informant interviews and FGD among 325 employers, local authorities, patients, relatives and recently graduated doctors during KAS survey (unpublished project report). The non-university stakeholders gave comments and suggestions to contribute to the improvement of training in medical schools.
5. Interviews and FGD among 144 local health staff who acted as preceptors in field teaching (FT) for medical schools; interviews among 300 community members and 12 FGD with local authorities in two FT sites; questionnaire-based feedback survey among 240 students just returned from FT sites [15]. Questions and topics included the role of the health workers in teaching and medical education.
6. Study on perceptions of 600 students in two medical schools on their learning environment after interventions of the project, using a standardized questionnaire, according to Roff [16, 17], (Giang et al, in preparation)